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How You Can Stick to Your Basement Remodeling Project Budget

So much planning, designing, construction, and creativity goes into a basement finishing project. With all of the hopes and dreams that homeowners wrap up into bringing their unique vision to life, it is easy to understand how some end up straying from their original budget.

Plan Carefully when Tiling a Concrete Basement Floor

Using wall-to-wall carpeting is a common choice that people make during basement finishing projects. Unfortunately, when a flood or leak occurs, even after water has been removed and the area has been professionally cleaned, there is always the danger of mold growth.

Common Basement Problems to Avoid

If you hardly ever go down to your basement and are currently only using it as a last-resort storage area, you’re not just missing out on the potential to open up new space in your home – you may be unaware of some potentially dangerous threats.

What Is The Average Cost To Finish A Basement In Denver?

With improving home values, homeowners in the Denver area are rediscovering the advantages of staying in their current homes and upgrading kitchens and baths and finishing their basements.

How To Prevent Frozen Pipes in Your Colorado Home

Well, its happened, summer has left us, the leaves have changed and fallen from their branches, and I sit here in the Colorado Rockies watching the snow fly.  I’ve done everything I can to resist the coming winter, wearing sandals to work even when I must scrape the frost from my windshield, but

Homeowners opting to upgrade verses buying new homes

With home values at all time lows homeowners are investing in there existing homes instead of purchasing new or larger homes. Homeowners are discovering that they can add real value to their existing homes by adding usable living space in their basements or upgrading kitchens and bathrooms.