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So much planning, designing, construction, and creativity goes into a basement finishing project. With all of the hopes and dreams that homeowners wrap up into bringing their unique vision to life, it is easy to understand how some end up straying from their original budget.


Jerry, I finally got your on line review posted. I finally had the degree of focus I wanted in order to express the sincerity I feel you deserve. I am not sure words can really capture the heart of my appreciation and gratitude. I told you we would be fun and I do hope you enjoyed the project. I feel it was a tremendous gift to have you accept the project and help to create such a stunning basement. Thank you for responding to our wish for the finish style, quality, and atmosphere we were hoping to create. Your design instincts were spot on and we are so enjoying the new space. I wish you all the best in your future work and your upcoming adventures with your new grandson.

Brenda and Early Z

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