Video #3: Basement Finishing in Parker, CO

Hi, this is Jerry Vidmar with We are in Parker Colorado today to share with you the progress on our basement finish that we started a few weeks ago.

As you can see, the trim, doors, and window casings have been installed. Closets have also been completed at this stage, allowing for storage or pantry space for the home owner. An oversized door has been installed leading to the unfinished area for easy access.

Doors have also been installed in front of the furnace and hot water heater. By doing this, it enables us to build a wall closer to the hot water heater and furnace while meeting code requirements. A picture frame window has been installed, which includes a window jam and a window casing surrounding the entire window. This is much more durable in this type of application and allows for a nicer finished look.

The banister has been completed, which will be sanded and painted along with the associated column. This banister acts as a nice feature to open up the basement, making it feel more like a second level.The bathroom, bedroom, and bedroom closet are well underway. The bathroom is now ready for tiling shower installation, and painting. Once this is complete, we will present the finished product.

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