Video #3: Basement Finishing in Highlands Ranch, CO

This is Jerry Vidmar with CID Basements. We’re here at a Highlands Ranch project which we began about three weeks ago.

As this video shows, the drywall has been installed and you can see what drywall looks like after it has been finished and textured. We have also started putting in trim and base. A window has been trimmed, and in this situation, we had a foundation wall that we had to bring a sill out, which was incorporated into our window jam to make a nice, complete looking window area. The base molding is also in place. Base molding is installed in areas where there is carpet. No base molding is added in areas where there will be a bar, tile, or bathroom.

In the bar area, the wall will have a wood detail to match the bar setup, and the base will not go in until after the tile is installed. We will be wrapping a column with wood and the homeowners opted to have a table around it, to be used for cocktails and accommodate a few bar stools.

A clothes closet has been installed, which will include bypass doors on a track. There will also be a shelf and a clothes rod. Across the room, another closet will reside, which will function as a pantry, therefore entailing shelves and bypass doors.

An access wall to a crawlspace will have a frame around it with a swinging door, so upon completion, it will look like a finished cabinet built into the wall. The next phase after trim is complete is to paint, and then we begin in hard surfaces such as tile, as well as begin installing cabinetry and fine details.

Check back soon for the next video in this Highlands Ranch basement finishing series! Call us today at (303) 591-7100 to discuss your needs for basement finishing in the Denver area.