Video #2: Basement Finishing in Parker, CO

Hello, this is Jerry Vidmar with CID Basements. We’re here in Parker, Colorado today to share with you the progress on our basement finish that we started last week. As you can see, we have framed all of the walls, as well as completed the rough electrical and plumbing. We will share all of these aspects with you today.

One area of the basement will have two closets with shelves which will be used as a kid pantry, for storage, toys, and related items. You can also see the rough end boxes along the walls for outlets. An unfinished storage area in the back will include a subpanel, which is wired from the main panel and provides us with the circuits we need for the basement. Most homes don’t have enough circuits in the main panel, which is why we usually bring in a subpanel such as this one.

The stair wall has been cut to become an open staircase. This allows the area to feel less like a tunnel and more like a second level. The staircase will include a hand rail, spindles, a cap, and a wrapped wooden column.

The mechanical area has been framed out with required access to the furnace and hot water heater. HVAC has also been completed and duct work has been placed in for efficient heating and air conditioning.  The windows have also been framed with what we call a “picture frame wrap,” which is a wood frame on the inside of the window and a picture frame type molding on the outside. This provides for a more stable type of finish for a basement window.

A cable and outlet has been placed in for a potential TV or projection television if the home owner chooses to install one of these.

The bedroom has been framed in, along with the bathroom which can be access by either the main area or the bedroom. Trench work has begun in the bathroom where the plumbers have broken out the concrete, removed the dirt, created the proper slope for needed draining, and roughed in areas for the toilet, vanity, and shower.

The next phase will include inspections, ceiling insulation, and then moving into drywall. We will be back to share this process with you.

Thank you again for joining us!
-Jerry Vidmar of CID Basements