Video #2: Basement Finishing in Highlands Ranch, CO

This is Jerry Vidmar with CID Basements. We are here in beautiful Highlands Ranch, Colorado in a walk-out basement that we started about two weeks ago. We had all of our rough inspections done yesterday with the county, which we passed with flying colors. I’m here today to share with you our progress on this basement.

We will be completing installation, stocking drywall, and getting ready to start hanging the drywall. All electrical and plumbing is roughed in and all the lighting and switches are in place.

The basement will include a custom wet bar, including a sit-up area and will accommodate bar stools, a back area with a sink, and custom fabricated cabinets from our woodshop built to the homeowner’s exact specifications. This provides a much more custom feel to the homeowner.

The basement will also include a media area. The homeowner will have a large flat screen TV, which we have accommodated with a cable and surround-sound speakers.

We have also completed draft stop, which is a fire mitigation technique used to limit the amount of oxygen a fire can get if one were to get behind the walls, stuffing itself out in a matter of minutes, helping to protect the home and making it easier for firefighters to fight a fire.

The homeowners also asked us to put in a fireplace. A gas fireplace is a very nice addition in a basement, which will help heat the area in wintertime.

Near the entryway from the upstairs, we have a closet which the homeowners requested for a pantry, toys, and similar needs. A second closet provides nice additional storage, as well as more space underneath the staircase. We also are required by code to finish underneath the staircase to protect from fire. Code expects us to give two ways out of a basement in the event of a fire, and they want to protect the staircase from fire so that if one does start in this area, people still have a chance to evacuate.

In the bathroom area, we moved the layout, breaking concrete and moving the floor drain. Another closet was built specifically to allow a removable panel to accommodate the water service and sprinkler system for the house.

The toilet was slightly moved for a better fit, a vanity was roughed in, and the main sewer cleanout is located underneath the vanity. We will be building a custom vanity that will have a removable floor to allow access to the cleanout.

Near the entryway to the basement, the homeowner has crawlspace access which will have a cabinet door to look like a regular wall cabinet.

The stairwell was removed, which makes the basement feel less like a tunnel and more like a new level of the home. A head post will be added with spindles and a railing along with a handrail going upstairs.

Once we are finished with insulation and drywall, we will be back again to share with you what this basement will look like as we get closer to completion.

Thank you very much- this is Jerry Vidmar with CID Basements in Highlands Ranch, CO. Call us today at (303) 591-7100 to discuss your needs for basement finishing in the Denver area.