Video #1: Basement Finishing in Parker, CO

Hello, this is Jerry Vidmar with CID Basements. We’re here in Parker, Colorado today starting a basement project. Last week I met with the home owner and went over their desired location of wall and each room, as well as discussed my suggestions on how to layout the basement. We are now ready to put that onto the floor and let the framers get started.

Two closets will be created in the back area to be used for a pantry and bulk food storage. There will also be an unfinished area left for storage space, which will be accessed through a large door.  A play area will also be created for the kids.

A small room will be created around the mechanical area and water heater. This will be kept as small as possible and will include a door for full access to their equipment.

The staircase will be opened up, including a railing and blaster system. The staircase will be open to provide a more uniform feel to the space. A small TV and family area will be included, as well. Underneath the stairs will be finished and will act as a linen closet.

A large bathroom will also be created with a toilet, vanity, and shower. The bathroom will be able to be accessed through the new bedroom that will also be created in the basement. The bedroom will include a closet and an egress window. Once we get the framing up and the electrician and plumbers in, we will come back and share with you the next phase of the process.

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