Video #1: Basement Finishing in Highlands Ranch, CO

This is Jerry Vidmar with CID Basements. Today, we’re here in Highlands Ranch, Colorado getting ready to finish a basement. We met previously with the homeowner to review the layout and to plan out the space based on the conceptual drawing that we provided at the time of the estimate and contract. The next process is to transpose that agreement and understanding of the drawing to the floor. We will make marks and layout measurement-wise exactly what the homeowner has asked us to do.

The basement will include a bathroom, shower, toilet, and vanity. A linen closet will be created, including a back with an opening so that we are able to access and cover the water service that comes into the house.

Plates are put on the floor are created from pressure treated lumber to help prevent mold, mildew, and rotting as the basement foundation sweats.

The type of wall we are required to use in Colorado is called a floating wall. We float these walls approximately three inches so that if the basement does move because of these soils, we have that amount to protect the foundation of the house.

Once we complete the walls, we will call in the plumber and the mechanical, at which point we will start work on the net phases.

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