Why You Should Choose a Smaller Company for Basement Finishing in Parker

Why You Should Choose a Smaller Company for Basement Finishing in Parker

You have plenty of business options in the Denver metro area when you begin the process of finishing your basement--but who you choose to do the work will drastically change the outcome of your project and the experience you have.

Here, we make the case for why you should choose a smaller basement finishing company like CID Basements, founded by Jerry Vidmar over 40 years ago. So, the only question you need to ask yourself is: do I want my basement to be a priority or not?

If the answer is "I want to be a priority to the basement finishing company I choose," then read on to find out WHY you should choose a smaller company like CID Basements.

1. Work directly with the owner...not a job foreman

Many people like to have a hands-on experience when they're getting their basement remodeled. You're spending your hard earned money, so of course you want to be involved with the process! But who do you want to deal with? The owner of the company, or just a job foreman that can't answer your questions without having to run it up the chain of command? 

When you work with CID Basements, you'll be working with Jerry directly, who has over 40 years experience finishing basements and doing custom cabinetry. He'll be able to answer your questions directly, work through design questions and scheduling issues, and walk through the process with you--unlike larger companies.

2. Quicker response time

You're going to have questions about your project, and when you work with a smaller basement finishing company like CID Basements, your project is going to be a priority. Therefore, you won't be waiting for days on answers to your questions. Jerry is more available, more flexible and better at responding to questions than the big companies--and he's friendly. Running fewer jobs means a less stressed response, you'll be thrilled with the dedicated attention Jerry pays to his projects.

3. Smaller companies have less overhead (which usually means lower costs to you)

Which means CID Basements can be more focused on your project, on your basement, and on your needs. Think about the last time you had to call your cable company, or your cellphone service provider--did you feel like a priority, or did you feel like you were being passed down the line through employes that had no ownership in helping you? If you want to feel like a priority, choose CID Basements for your basement remodeling.

Less overhead also means lower costs. CID Basements is not usually the least expensive, and we're rarely the most expensive, but always the best value.

4. Smaller company = Fewer Jobs = More dedication to YOUR basement remodel

When you work with larger companies, you're working with a business that has significantly more projects going on at any one time--your basement is just a number contributing to their bottom line. A smaller company runs fewer jobs at one time, which means they not only have more skin in the game, they also have more time, energy, and dedication to your project. 

Jerry can pay attention to details because he's not overburdened by projects, which means you'll get exactly the basement you envisioned, not a slapped-together basement you'll be disappointed in.

5. Running fewer jobs means CID Basements is more flexible

Need to make last minute changes, switch your schedule, or add something on to your project? Because Jerry is running fewer jobs, he's more flexible to your needs, your last minute additions, and your schedule. 

6. Work with better, more dedicated subcontractors

Jerry has been building an incredible and talented group of subcontractors with his 40+ years of work in the Denver metro area. When you hire CID Basements for your project, you're getting the best in the business for all levels of work. 

Beyond that, since Jerry works on fewer jobs at any one time, his subcontractors are far more dedicated to his projects because he has reliable and consistent work--he's not hiring out multiple subcontractors of the same trade.

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