What Is The Average Cost To Finish A Basement In Denver?

With improving home values, homeowners in the Denver area are rediscovering the advantages of staying in their current homes and upgrading kitchens and baths and finishing their basements. Equity lines of credit are becoming easier to obtain and it can be much more economical to upgrade your existing home than paying higher prices for a new home.

But What's the Typical Denver Basement Finishing Cost?

The average cost of basement finishing in Parker CO, Castle Rock, Aurora, Highlands Ranch and throughout the metro Denver area is about $50.00 per square foot. This estimate is reflective of a legitimate builder. A basement remodeler that uses licensed and insured tradesmen will have higher costs of doing business.

A contractor that does not use licensed tradesman will be putting your home and family at risk. Think about that before going with what appears to be a rock bottom Denver basement finishing cost estimate given to you.

Some contractors may suggest that you obtain your own permit which would mean that you would be acting as your own General Contractor. This little trick that makes it look as though their estimate is the best, allows them to do the electrical and plumbing work without using licensed workers.

So not only will the work be done by unlicensed workers, but you will also be taking on the liability and risk of the work being performed on your home.

If a basement finishing contractor asks you to pull the building permit or not even bother with one, run the other way as fast as you can. This would mean that they are not licensed and most probably not insured. The savings would never outweigh the risks involved.

Check out my article on the subject if you want some expert advice on how to find a reputable basement remodeling contractor in Aurora CO, Castle Rock, Parker, or wherever you're located in the south metro Denver area.

Let's get back to estimating your Denver basement finishing cost.

What Could Effect the Cost to Finish a Basement in Denver Metro?

Many factors go into pricing a basement remodel project. Smaller basements with a bathroom and bar area (under 900 sq. ft.) will average out at a higher price per foot than a larger space such as 1500 sq. ft. Bathrooms and special features add thousands of dollars to the budget of a basement finishing project.

A per foot price is really not an accurate way to gauge the price of your final basement finishing cost. The additional costs of bathrooms and other custom features significantly affect the per foot price. Smaller basements end up costing more per square foot because there is less square footage to offset the added features such as bathrooms.

The “per square foot” estimate should only be used as an initial starting point. A professional basement remodeler will take into consideration the number of rooms, types of rooms, special features and the type of doors and trim work that will be used to match your existing home.

CIDbasements.com will prepare a line by line estimate that shows exactly what these special features will cost. I will make recommendations on how to save money without lowering the quality of the work we offer.

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